The Looked After Review

A 'review' meeting is your meeting, about you, which the law says Children's Services should be held at least every six months for children who are looked after. The adults at the meeting have to think about how you are getting on, how you are being looked after and who you are seeing.  They also have to think about whether there should be any changes in how you are being looked after, and whether your Care Plan should be changed. your care plan describes what you need to be looked after properly, where you will go to school and who you will see.  

Who goes to the Review?

Usually you, your social worker and your foster carer or key worker, will be at the meeting. Other people may be invited like your parents, other close relatives or friends who may be important to your care plan and any other important people like your teacher. You will have a chance to tell people about anything you want to happen, or anything that you are not happy about. If you find it difficult to talk in front of so many people, you can write down what you want to say and give it to your social worker before or during the meeting. You can also ask for an Advocate to come and support you and help you say things that are important to you. Your Independent Reviewing Officers (IRO) will chair your review; an Independent Reviewing Officer is independent from your case and will make sure people do everything that they should for you. He/she will contact you before your review and ask you how you would like your review to be held, for example where you would like it to be held and who you would like to attend.


Before your review...

Before your review date you will be sent a review document to complete. To review the e-book version click on the images on the right.