Foster Care


Foster care has been around for hundreds of years and there have been many people who have gone to live with people other than their parents.   Your social worker will try and make sure that your foster family speaks the same language as you and is from the same background, so you have the same religious celebrations and so on.

Many young people who have left care are still in touch with their foster carers and many consider foster carer's children to be additional brothers and sisters.  It is natural for you to miss your birth family.  Depending on reasons why you came care you may or may not be able to keep in contact with certain family members. If your not allowed to see some family members, your Social Worker should clearly explain the reasons why and you have the right to ask why too!  Most children in foster care will keep in touch with their birth family by talking on the phone, or by seeing them regularly.


A social worker will take you to your foster carer's home where you will meet everyone who lives there. Your foster carer will show you around the house and show you where you will sleep. Your foster family will make you feel like a part of their family for as long as you live with them and you will be able to bring your clothes, books, toys and other special things with you to make you feel more at home there.  Hopefully you will be happy in your foster placement but it sometimes takes a little bit of time to settle down and feel like you're at home. This is perfectly normal. 


It is most likely that you will be able to go to the same school that you went to before, though if you are going to stay with your foster carer for a long time and your school is far away, you may be able to change to a school that is nearer and easier to get to. Everyone will make sure that you are asked what you want and will help you with the changes.


All foster carers have been through checks by the police and Social Care to make sure that they will be able to care for you properly. They are reviewed every year to make sure that they are doing their job properly. You can have your say about the way that they are looking after you at your LAC review or when you talk to your social worker.


If you are unhappy at your foster home or you want to talk about other problems in your life you can:

  • talk to your foster carer

  • talk to your social worker

  • talk to another adult (like a teacher)

  • mention it in your LAC review meeting

  • speak to an advocate