My Health

You have the right to good health care to help you stay fit and healthy. A big part of staying healthy is eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise. Occasionally you may become poorly or need some advice about a health issue so we have included some information below about how you can access health advice whilst you’re in care and for when you have left care.  We will support you in looking after your health. This will include helping you to register with a Doctor and Dentist in the area that you live in and encourage you to have regular health assessments and dental checks.


Top Tip: You can get free prescriptions, glasses and dental treatment until the age of 18 so make sure you have regular appointments with the opticians and dentist as this may save you money in the future.


We will support you to obtain a copy of your Health Passport from the LAC nurse before you leave care. If you need to move address, we will help you to register with local health professionals such as a local GP surgery, dentist and opticians. We will support you to apply for help with the cost of prescriptions and medical appointments, if you are eligible.


Our Social Work Assistants have completed ‘C Card’ training. This means that the team is an approved distribution point for free contraception and can offer advice around sexual health and relationships, without needing to send you elsewhere.

Useful Websites
  • NHS 111 is a totally confidential telephone helpline that can help anyone out with virtually any health question 24 hours a day on 18001 111
  • NHS - Sexual Health: Help and advice about sexual health matters, such as contraception, pregnancy or sexual assault.

  • Talk to FrankYou can call FRANK confidentially about drugs and alcohol use for free from a landline, 24 hours a day on 0800 77 6600

  • Teens HealthA safe, private place for teens who need honest, accurate information and advice about health, emotions, and life. TeensHealth is accessible 24 hours a day.