My Education

Your education is really important to help you in the future.

Do you have any ideas about what you might like to do when you grow up and leave school/college/university? You could do anything you want if put your mind to it!!!  It may not seem so important now but a good education at school will help you in the future to get a job, go to college or go to university.


Did you know that more care leavers from Stoke-on-Trent than ever before are now at university?  That could be you too if you work hard now at school and college. (And remember – working hard at school and college means you can still have fun with your friends – just that you have to do some studying too!). 


Higher Education

If you decide to move on to university, we will pay a one off £2000 bursary. This will be paid in installments over the length of the course to help you to budget your income. In addition, Stoke on Trent pay students in Higher Education a monthly bursary. The amount will vary according to the length of the course and individual needs, as agreed in your Pathway Plan, up to a maximum of £15,000 for the duration of your studies.

Need some help?

Whatever you want from your life, you will need to make some decisions:  What kind of job might I like?   What qualifications do I need?  Where shall I go?  There is lots to think about when choosing your path, so use the links on the left to help you to get started. If it all seems too confusing, don’t worry, help is on hand.  Contact the careers adviser below for an appointment.


There is a dedicated Careers Advice and Guidance officer based on the Next Steps team who will help you to choose the best way to achieve your future goals. This can be by attending college, training courses, university or moving on to an apprenticeship.


There is also a Jobs Employment and Training advisor on the team who can advise you on seeking employment in the areas you would like to work in.​


You can arrange a one-to-one appointment by texting your name, date of birth and address to: 07881 332759 or by emailing