My Money

As a care leaver we will try to help you with money management. Your Personal Advisor will give you advice and information about what you are entitled to.

We will support you to:

  • get a form of ID such as a passport or provisional driving licence

  • get your National Insurance number

  • open a bank account

  • budget and manage your money

Income Maintenance Allowance

While you are under 18 and if you choose to move on to supported


accommodation, Children and Family Services will fund a weekly allowance known as Income Maintenance Allowance. This is set at the same amount as other benefits are paid to young adults nationally. From this, you will pay a small charge to the accommodation provider each week to cover the cost of your bills and services.

Benefits Advice

Once you reach 18 years old, your Personal Advisor (PA) will help you to claim any relevant benefits to match your circumstances. You will be supported to attend your initial appointment at a local job centre and given advice about your ongoing expectations. While your initial application is being processed, we will provide a weekly payment of Income Maintenance Allowance until your benefits are in pay.


Setting Up Home Allowance

We provide access to an allowance of up to £2000 when you are ready to move on to your own tenancy. Your social work assistant will help you to use this money to purchase the items you need for your property. You can access this allowance up until your 21st birthday.


Council Tax

All Stoke on Trent care leavers while they are resident in Stoke on Trent are eligible for council tax exemption under the age of 25, if they earn under the National Living Wage and are the liable payer. This exemption does not cover any other adult living at the property.