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Types of Visits

Five-Day Stay

This is by far our most popular type of visit, with primary, middle, secondary and special schools arriving with us on Monday morning and leaving on Friday afternoon. Please see our accommodation page for more details on where you can stay.

An excellent value package, a week with us will enable you to offer your young people a wide range of activities and experiences. You will be contacted in the months prior to your visit so that we can work together on creating a programme that suits you. The most popular programme is usually a combination of activities and educational days (with a difference).

Included in the package are up to two days off-site which you could use for a real climbing experience or something that meets your curricular demands such as a River Study or Town Study. More visits off-site can be arranged for the week based on a per-pupil rate. All transport and instruction is included for these trips.

Shorter Stays

Occasionally schools and groups, for a variety of reasons, opt for a shorter stay with us and we can offer a Monday to Wednesday package or a Wednesday to Friday package – both three full days and two nights. The same principles apply as a five-day stay and included in the price will be an optional day off-site.

Day Visits

These are becoming increasingly popular and easy to achieve due to the proximity of the Centre to Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Leek. You can arrive at a time to suit yourselves (although around 9.30am tends to be the most popular) and depart at around 4-4.30 in the afternoon.

Upon booking, we will work with you to ensure we understand your objectives for the day and will plan the day on this basis. You will be able to take part in up to three activities or just concentrate on one. You can either bring your own lunches or we can provide a packed lunch for you.

Regular Visits

We are currently working alongside a number of schools who are bringing a selection of their pupils to us on a weekly basis for outcomes such as behaviour improvement, educational attainment and as part of a GCSE. These can be organised to deliver a wide range of activities or focus on progressing through a small number of activities in order to gain a reasonable level of skill in one or more sports. A good example of this would be wishing to progress your young people through the BCU canoe and kayak Star Awards. You will wherever possible be matched with an appropriate instructor who will deliver your whole programme of sessions to ensure continuation and consistency.

One-Off Sessions

As well as day visits, we can also cater for half days and even two hour sessions. Obviously the activities becoming a little more limited but we will work with you to make sure you achieve you desired outcomes for the visit.

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