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School & Youth Groups

Schools have been coming to Stanley Head for over 50 years and this is still our main customer group; hosting between two and ten schools almost every week of the school term and during school holidays. Most schools visit us for 5 days, making the most of our full-board accommodation, however we can design a your visit to suit your needs starting from three-hour sessions up to full weeks.

It is no coincidence that schools come back to us year after year and we always ask for and listen to feedback to make sure we continue to provide the level of service and range of opportunities that our schools value.

Our staff love to welcome back old friends from visiting schools year after year, but equally enjoying seeing new faces and meeting children from new areas, so if you have not visited us before, take a few minutes to see what we can offer you. If you think we can add value to your school year, please get in touch and our Head of Centre will be delighted to take you for a tour of the Centre and discuss the opportunities for your school.

We know that your curriculum time is valuable so we want to make sure that you get as much benefit out of a stay with us as you possibly can. Tell us what your theme for the week is going to be – such as environmental studies, nature, the Romans, Tudors or Victorians, the Industrial Revolution – and we will tailor a week that combines learning with fun and the chance to experience a whole range of new activities for Primary, Secondary and College / University students.

Whether your aim is to use our centre to meet the curriculum in diverse and exciting ways, or just to reward your year group after a hard week’s SATS, we will work with you to ensure that your school gets the maximum out of your visit.

For Youth Groups we know that a residential is an essential part of your year to help you achieve your objectives for any given group. We can offer you a perfect destination for a residential in a setting that brings out the best in the most challenging of groups and individuals.

Our level of involvement is up to you – you can use us as a base and just take advantage of our accommodation and locality, or you can take advantage of our activities and qualified staff to offer your young people a fantastic opportunity to escape their daily lives for a short period. Stanley Head provides an ideal venue for young people to discover hidden talents and abilities in themselves and those around them. These might not be physical abilities but mental attributes such as leadership and negotiating skills.

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