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Safety and Quality Assurance

At Stanley Head we pride ourselves on our high standards in both safety and quality, but don’t just take our word for it as we have the certificates to prove it:

Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority (AALA)
We currently have the maximum two-year license valid until February 2024. AALA inspects our risk assessments, operating procedures, staff training records, equipment checks and also observe activities being delivered. The license number is L60534 R0149 and can be verified at

Gold Standard

This higher version of the LOtC’s Quality Badge was awarded to Stanley Head in 2012 and we are very proud to be one of only a handful of centres in the UK to hold this award. Our current award runs until May 2020. For more information go to


This quality assurance accreditation was also achieved in 2012. Administered by the Adventurous Activities Industry Advisory committee, the award assesses providers’ risk management practices and ensures that a quality service is being delivered.

Our Safety Promise

We take the safety of our clients and employees very seriously and as a result the centre has an excellent safety record. When you visit Stanley Head you can be confident that you are in safe and experienced hands. However, we believe we maintain a good balance between safety and adventure to ensure that as well as being safe, our activities are enjoyable and often exhilarating. It should be recognised though that all adventurous activities come with an element of risk, no matter how well managed.

We maintain full sets of risk assessments, reviewed regularly, that all clients are welcome to view. However, as AALA have already inspected these, it is unlikely that you will feel the need to. If you do wish to see our risk assessments please CONTACT the centre.

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