Fancy getting out into the moorlands of Staffordshire, the peaks of Derbyshire or even the wild, beautiful terrain of Snowdonia or the Lake District? Wherever you want to pitch your challenge, we can plan your route, provide your transport, and our experienced Mountain Leaders will ensure you have a great time out.

For our young visitors, a walk to Deep Hayes Country Park – stopping to cook their own dinner with camp cookers (Trangias) – is a great adventure in itself. For our older young people and many adult groups, a trip up Kinder Scout (standing at over 2000 feet above sea level) is a perfect day’s walking. However, if you want a real challenge, how about a weekend’s walking combined with a night’s camping (wild or at a campsite)? This is ideal practice if you are planning an overseas expedition or even about to attempt one of the UK’s excellent long distance footpaths.

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