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Test your aim in our purpose built archery range in the woods or if you are feeling confident in our longer field range. Our most popular sessions involve a quick safety and technique chat, some practice shots to get your eye in then into a mini team or individual competition. If you’re getting really good, we have a number of games up our sleeve such as Bake-a-cake and archery cricket to really make you think!

Archery is an excellent alternative to those activities that require physical activity, so if you want a more relaxing afternoon after a morning’s climbing, then this is for you. It is also an excellent activity for those in your group who may not enjoy the physical element of some of our other activities. Archery is a great sport for increasing self-esteem as it is very often the person that struggles with your average sport that comes out on top in the competitions and games.

Boy doing archery at Stanley Head OEC
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